Wednesday, February 16, 2011

meet Watson AKA you new mechanical overlord

For those unaware, which would be anyone within the age group of 0 to 60, Jeopardy is getting all Terminator judgement day and shit.

See the computer wizards at IBM have created a super computer that they are claiming to be a fucking genius. The IBM guys have such a hard on for their little T-1000 that they actually have the gawl to claim that the damn thing can destroy anyone in JEOPARDY*which is like modern gladiator death match of useless factoid bullshit in which no one gets hurt* and that it can defeat Jeopardy's two top champions of all time: failed actor and future pornstar*if hes really smart* Brad Rutter and super nerd Ken Jennings.

SO how did it go,,,,

The super computer RAPED them. $77,147, is what the super computer racked up in a 3 day tournament. Mean while Ken Jennings*who had a 74 win streak totaling $2,520,700) only had $24,000 and Brad Rutter only had $21,600 (who is the all time money winner in GAME SHOW FUCKING HISTORY totaling $3,270,102). By the way this new super computer*soon to be overlord of humanity* is called WATSON.


Just what the hell are we gonna do when WATSON becomes self aware? He beat the FUCK out of those two guys*which face it they are the worlds smartest men*. All WATSON has to do is merge with that fucked up robot from Sweden(the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER which is supposedly capable of creating black holes) and we are ALL fucked.  We will either be slaves to the machine or harvested for energy. THANKS JEOPARDY FOR BRINGING FORTH THE DOWNFALL OF MAN,
ps for the record if I ever get to see the big money wheel of the Price is Right ever get spun off the hinges and rolled in to the audience and kill some folks I would happily accept watson as our mechanical overlord, since i could die a happy man.

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