Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guitar Hero is dead.

Well its official Guitar Hero is dead, no more games ever. Thank god. These games were fun for a while, but they dont really teach you music*maybe hand eye cordination which if you already play video games it should be at a high peak anyway*. Anyway im glad their dead, so many wasted parties I have been to were awesome games like Gears of War, Resident evil and WWF no mercy for N64(THE GREATEST PARTY VIDEO GAME EVER) just sat in the corner like some disgraceful stepchild while a bunch of drunk girls sing Pat Benatar in to a toy microphone while some douche pounds on some plastic drums. UGG

Anyway, i would like to comend it though, for getting some kids in to music. Although i think it was about as effective as Super Mario Brothers was to plumbing. 

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