Monday, August 2, 2010

Bitching is the best stress reliever

 Probably the worst thing to the human body is stress. It wears down the mind, body and the soul. It takes years off our lives and makes what time we have here on Earth hard and mostly unrewarding. Now I have heard for years about good stress, how some stress*like exercise* is good for the body. But, in my opinion good stress normally means hard work with rewarding payoff. Exercising is good for the body yes, but if you work out for three months and diet (honestly torturing yourself) and still haven’t reached a goal, you feel angst and very disappointed, and most of us give up. That is stress that we all know. Doing something that we honestly wouldn’t do if we didn’t expect a outcome, but most of the time we bust our asses and throw our spiritual and mental health down a spiral only the get less than what we put in.  Its like when your boss tells the company that they are not giving raises for the next four years, and that to save money they will cutting hours, laying off employees and cutting pay of the employees that don’t get laid off. So now the stress that you originally were used to, that you have grown accustomed to, that you just almost maybe gotten used to, is now a new deformed creature of gigantic proportions that attacks your entire being like cancer. Now instead of just having to do your normal job and worry about normal stuff like bills and shit, you now have fear to contend with.  Now you work harder and you are most cautious about how  the big wigs at work think of you.  You fear that if you don’t bust your ass a thousand times harder, you will be cut out like the others, out on the street, really suffering and really stressed. Your bosses are now bigger dicks than ever, because they now have one more up on you, before it used to just be money and you had to really fuck up to get fired, now the littlest mistake, the smallest fluke and your ass is gone, because the company cant keep people who aren’t team players and all that stupid bullshit.  But your doing all this extra work, for less money, less of an outcome, less of an reward and more harassment by the neo Nazis of supervisors you have because of these economic hardships. You have a million things going on your mind constantly, and it becomes nearly impossible to relax. All those things you used to do to relieve stress becomes stressfull themselves. Your newly found “free time” with less pay got you at wits end.  People at work complain constantly about what they would do to make the company better, which gives you some relief when you get a chance to throw you two cents in. Bitching is the best stress reliever. To verbally say what is killing you and have an audience to cheer you on, makes the pain almost worth it.  At work you tell your co-workers, who before were just nameless acquaintances how cluttered your work space and are now your war buddies) about how much the boss is nothing more than a reincarnated Hitler without the personality.  He barks orders, goose steps around, and scares the hell out of everyone when he comes around. People don’t look him in the eye and don’t speak unless spoken too, and when they do they talk to him like he is Jesus. O that bastard. He probably did the layoffs on purpose, just for more power. The sadistic fuck, torturing people who have to do this mind numbing, physically destroying and soul eating labor to keep their families surviving. The anxiety that comes from the sound of his hateful, distant voice as he tells you to work harder, faster and reminds you that there are millions of people out there that would kill to have your fucked job, has you biting small chunks of your tongue as your desperately want to tell the bastard to go fuck himself.

               See that’s the problem. We are quick to tell others with in our common hate group about how fucked up are stressor are, but not the stressors.  Sure if you tell your boss to go fuck himself the outcome won’t be too productive, but one a brief moment you are the coolest fucking person on the planet to you and your coworker. Your stress leaves for a while*till you are shit-canned* and a small percentage of that million ton weight drops off*of course now you are unemployed*. But the point is bitching does not solve stress, it relieves.  Stress is like the sun, the moon, or cancer. Its always been around, it will always be around and there aint much you can do about it. But bitching is the one thing you can do to help cope with all the things that suck in the world. If you cant fix it, bitch it. Its easy to do, because we have been doing it since day one(I mean we are come in to this would screaming and crying).
  Only problem I have with bitching, is that there are some people who bitch too much. Even when there is no reason to bitch.  People, who live for the sole purpose to hate life, should die. Bitching is only effective when its about shit that you have very little to no options about handling.  However if you just hate life and the only joy you have is to drag others down to your level you should become a shift manager at Wendy’s or kill yourself. I mean face it there’s not much of an option.  And, all the people that have had a misfortune of knowing you will remember you by bitching about all the stupid things you had done.

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